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Artist statement:

"I live in two different but complementary worlds: the city and the countryside.

I am interested in the idea of world-making and bringing abstraction to another level. I am inspired by nature and architecture and I use the grid to organize the worlds I am creating. There is an important connection between architecture, nature and art-where the ideas of order and power, structure and balance, chaos and beauty talk to each other. The elements of nature such as leaves, ferns, trees, waves feed my desire for creativity. My curiosity is transformed from reality and grows into the world of geometric abstraction opening the door for repetitions and differences, care and pleasure, the micro and the macro.

The system of the grid or stripes plays also with the idea of power and control -which nature and human beings have in common.

The worlds I am creating lead to mystery and bring the viewer to a state of wondering and thinking: 'What is it?'"

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