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Leah Tacha, Sway, 2021
Laurie Reid, Untitled, 2021
Austin Thomas, Yellow and blue alongside triangles and some spacetime turquoise, 2022
Rubens Ghenov, Alumbra't Canticle, Kokoro Dervish, 2016
Karen Lederer, Everyday Perfume, 2019
Wendy Small, New Math, 2021
Rachel Klinghoffer, The stillness of remembering what you had, 2020
Maya Brym, Clearing, 2021
Elisa Johns, Mt. Whitney Alpenglow, 2021
Jeff Barnett-Winsby, Elves, apparently, 2021
Amy Park, Midtown Manhattan View #4, 2022
Bret Slater, Autonomous (Ultra) Instinct, 2022
linn meyers, Untitled, 2021
Selena Kimball, Untitled (Milky Way), 2021
Naomi Reis, pots and plants (Frank Lloyd Wright's Living Room), 2019
Cordy Ryman, D's Last Gasp, 2019
Elana Herzog, Untitled, 2020
Michael Buckland, Coming Soon, 2019
Patrick Brennan, Peaks, 2018
Sara Genn, My Heart Is a Thousand Colours (Moonless), 2021
Chris Duncan, STILL (6 Month Exposure) PACIFICA, 2021
Andrew Schoultz, Intense Eye Projection, 2018
Nicole Cohen, Interior #1, 2022
Mark Feingold, Untitled, 2019
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola, smd, 2021
Jenn Dierdorf, Femme Ballast, 2022
Samantha Bittman, Untitled, 2022
Crystal Liu, sweet sixteen, "cake four", 2011
Katia Santibañez, Again and Again, 2022
Traci Johnson, Dream, 2022
Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson, Based on Photo #1, 2018
Eric Aho, The Field, 2019
Judith Belzer, Vine Leaves #1, 2002
Andrea Belag, Little Green, 2022
David Aylsworth, It's Hot and Monotonous, 2019
Naomi Reis, pots and plants (Frank Lloyd Wright's Living Room), 2019
Andrew Schwartz, Daydreamer, 2022
Ryan Wallace, The Unanimous Hour I, 2020
Brittany Nelson, Transit Photo #1, 2016
Andrew Prayzner, Pyramid, 2021
D'Metrius Rice, Junction, 2016
Jason Karolak, Untitled (P-2003), 2020
Ruby Palmer, Untitled Structure #3, 2022
Amy Lincoln, Tree Study (Blue and Teal), 2022
Emilie Stark-Menneg, My Cloud, 2021
Carolanna Parlato, Shape Shifter III, 2021
Jeff Perrott, Construction (Flat Ontology), 2021
Talia Levitt, Hand/Magic, 2022
Sharon Louden, Windows, 2017
Firelei Baez, All I Know (July 6), 2012
Geoffrey Young, Homage to Cunnilingus #6, 2022
Adriana Farmiga, Circadian, 2022
David S. Allee, Room, 2013
Nathan Randall Green, E.C.U.M. (Landscape M), 2021
Jenny Brillhart, Whistler's Mother, 2021
Paolo Arao, Graphic Score, 2020
Paul Villinski, Meridian, 2020
Eric Hibit, Sunflowers at Sunset, 2017
John Salvest, Hickory, 2022
Laura Ball, Solar Cycle, 2022
Emily Kiacz, Twilight Landing, 2022
Kysa Johnson, Ghosts In Common - 1348/2022 (A New Language Always Comes) - Subatomic Decay Patterns and Garden 6, 2022
Jonathan Smith, Glacier #21, 2022
Kim McCarty, Untitled, 2022
Rob Carter, Duke, 2019
Millerton, Don Doe, "Pirate Girl", 2004
Cotter Luppi, Untitled, 2015
Frohawk Two Feathers, Ride or Die, The Po Valley Campaign, 2011
David Rathman, Keep That Bad News To Yourself, 2013
Jonathan Ryan Storm, Wantastiquet Mountain, 2022
Franklin Evans, selfportraitwithmatisse, 2019
Jim Kempner, Apocryphal Now, 2014
Matt Kleberg, Friend of Jack, 2022
Leigh Ruple, Gotham (Study 1), 2019
Katy Fischer, Combed Arch, 2022
Crystal Gregory, Fold, Enfold, Unfold 11, 2017
Erin O'Keefe, Built Work #39, 2018
Philip Knoll, Apollo, 2020
Jason Middlebrook, Drawing Time Too, 2015
Andrew Moore, Homesteaders' Tree, Cherry County, Nebraska, 2011
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