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Paolo Arao, Birds in Flight (No. 5), 2019
Paolo Arao, Diamond Pitch, 2019
Paolo Arao, Night Slide, 2019
Carly Glovinski, Day Off, 2018
Carly Glovinski, Wipeout, 2018
Carly Glovinski, Big Pitcher, 2019
Carly Glovinski, Picnic Basket and Fire Quilt Stack, 2019
Tamara Kostianovsky, Red Wood, 2018
Tamara Kostianovsky, Intertwined, 2018
Tamara Kostianovsky, Wall Slice, 2018
Tamara Kostianovsky, Hollow Slice, 2018
Crystal Gregory, Plunge, 2019
Crystal Gregory, Flex, 2019
Crystal Gregory, Fold, Enfold, Unfold 02, 2017
Crystal Gregory, Fold, Enfold, Unfold 04, 2017
Elana Herzog, This One's For You, 2019
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