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Osamu Kobayashi, Vibes, 2017

Osamu Kobayashi

Vibes, 2017

Oil on canvas

76h x 80w in (193.04h x 203.20w cm)

Osamu Kobayashi, Pearl, 2017

Osamu Kobayashi

Pearl, 2017

Oil on canvas

72h x 72w in (182.88h x 182.88w cm)

Osamu Kobayashi, Self-Heal, 2017

Osamu Kobayashi

Self-Heal, 2017

Oil on canvas

44h x 46w in (111.76h x 116.84w cm)

Osamu Kobayashi, Two Rivers, 2017

Osamu Kobayashi

Two Rivers, 2017

Oil on canvas

19h x 22w in (48.26h x 55.88w cm)

Erica Prince, Container (Lunar Tree), 2016

Erica Prince

Container (Lunar Tree), 2016

White glaze on speckle stoneware

18h x 10 1/2w x 10d in (45.72h x 26.67w x 25.40d cm)

Erica Prince, Container (Fruity Bowl), 2017

Erica Prince

Container (Fruity Bowl), 2017

White, cream crackle, celadon, and palest pink glaze on white stoneware

6 1/2h x 14 1/2w x 8 1/2d in (16.51h x 36.83w x 21.59d cm)

Erica Prince, Container (Spring Snowball), 2017

Erica Prince

Container (Spring Snowball), 2017

White and celadon glaze on white stoneware

17h x 6 1/2w x 6 1/2d in (43.18h x 16.51w x 16.51d cm)

Erica Prince, Container (Anemone Stacked), 2017

Erica Prince

Container (Anemone Stacked), 2017

Cream crackle glaze on white stoneware

16h x 10 1/2w x 10 1/2d in (40.64h x 26.67w x 26.67d cm)

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