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Oscar Morel, You go for me and I'm taboo, 2021
Emily Manning-Mingle, Fissure and Fade, 2022
Madeline Norton, :*(, 2022
Baoying Huang, The Gate, 2022
Madeline Norton, peter pan syndrome, 2022
Meghan Murray, 18 CHILDREN AMONG 49 PICKETS SEIZED IN BROOKLYN (July 31, 1963), 2022
Chen Peng, My DeWalt Was My Universe Until I Used Dad’s Makita, 2021
Veronica Dannis-Dobroczynski, Warm impermanence, 2022
AJ Rombach, Portraits (Magician Archetype), 2022
Benjamin Hawley, Summer Solstice Reflected, 2022
Sunny Moxin Chen, Untitled, 2022
Marie Wheeler, She makes bell peppers in her studio, 2022
Marie Wheeler, Little Guy, 2022
Samantha Goodale, FOMO, 2021
Jason Lipow, Untitled, 2022
Jason Lipow, Bedfellows, 2021
David Petrak, When you and I have become corpses I, 2022
David Petrak, When you and I have become corpses, 2022
Eva Lewis, A Break in the Clouds, 2022
Gavin Fahey, Diana Oughton's Spinning Wheel, 2022
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