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Paul Villinski: Flight Patterns. Now through August 18, 2024. The art of Paul Villinski explores the dynamic aerial realm and various notions of “flight”—literal and metaphorical. A licensed pilot, Villinski gives form to assorted airborne bodies, including butterflies, birds, airplanes and aspiring humans. To create his sculptural work, Villinski enlists a range of found materials: aluminum cans become flocks of patterned butterflies; used knives transform into feathered wings; old vinyl LPs morph into songbirds. These discarded objects are reborn in works that honor their past lives while compounding their identity to address serious subjects such as addiction and environmentalism. Learn more about this exhibition at:

Inequality is growing. The rich consume much more than the poor and produce much more waste. Trash has become a symbol of our times.

A short video with artist Paul Villinski and lepidopterist Rudi Mattoni explaining the development of the Butterfly Machine and the important environmental issues that the Machine attempts to address. 

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