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Abbi Kenny, Clam Bake and Corn Boy, 2024
Cody Bluett, Enigma Altar: Clough and Kimbal Expedition, Mt. Washington, NH, 2024
Ellen Weitkamp, Remembering 75 East Cove Lane, 2024
Jacob Salzer, Found Cans, Stolen Drawing, Stolen Hat, First Date, 2023
James Gold, Framework, 2024
Natalie Conway, Concepts, 2024
Sarai Bustos, It might not be the right way (day), 2024
2024 BU MFA, Julia McGehean,
Sebastian Huakai Chen,
2024 BU MFA, Sayak Mitra
Sidharth Shah, Untitled, 2023
Sophie Thervil, *ManhattanI, 2024
Stephanie Petet, Sharp Thoughts, 2024
Téa Chai Beer,
Yingxue (Daisy) Li,
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