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Off to the unknown

Off to the unknown

Pop-up gallery On Main reopens with show by Brooklyn artist Matt Kleberg

"'One way to understand the medium of a painting is as the stage — both physical and metaphorical — on which the artist sets a scene of sorts.' 

Alex Bacon wrote that in his introduction to the 2016 exhibit 'Caterwauler,' an exhibit of colorful, oversized paintings by artist Matt Kleberg at the Hiram Butler Gallery in Houston. 

Regardless of whether one is a figurative artist, or somebody who concentrates on colors, shapes and forms, 'this is still a story,' Bacon said of painting, 'much as symphonics in opera drive the plot along.'

Kleberg’s paintings — his own artistic 'story' — are the subject of a new show called 'Framework' at pop-up gallery On Main. Long-time Telluriders Ellen Geldbaugh and Catherine Walsh teamed up to exhibit Kleberg’s work following a well-attended exhibit by the sculptor Jarrod Beck last year that 'pushed the art aesthetic in Telluride' (which On Main was designed to do)."

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